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There’s no gainsaying that the 2021 Anambra State gubernatorial election is one in which all the political parties must bring their best forward; a peep into other leading political parties show that they’re putting their hopes on the best brain among them to be their flagbearer. The consensus among voters within the state is that the present leadership has failed and they do not want any candidate who will continue with the gregariousness and ceremoniousness of the present. They all want a sound, homegrown technocrat with better ideas on how to move the State forward and meet the expectations of Anambrarians.

Sensing the mood of the people, other political parties has began to beam their searchlight on aspirants who are intellectually fecund and have no lassiez faire attitude to problem solving- they want an aspirant who has solved practical problems in realtime so as to rescue Anambra State from the quagmire it is presently in.

The APC has no alternative but listen to the voice of the masses and present its best brain forward. By rallying round and supporting the candidature of Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo.
Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo represents the kind of aspirant the voters have always wanted: Intelligent, smart, knowledgeable, pragmatic.

He has distinguished himself in the business world, a man who has impacted, transformed and saved lives.
A great leader, mentor, motivational speaker and devoted child of God.
His humility, dedication, determination and vision inspires many closer to him to put in their best.
He has been a shoulder on which many could cry and the arms in which many could feel safe.
He has demonstrated his capacity to problem solving by rising above Nigeria’s perennial problems to become one of the most successful captains of industry in Nigeria. His antecedent shows that he is capable and will attract a mass following if given the ticket.

It is necessary that all lovers of APC in Anambra State should endorse and support the candidature of a candidate who has the capacity to change the fortunes of the party in the state. A candidate love by all and sundry. A candidate who has massive good will and can lock horn with any candidate in other political parties and defeat them come November 6th. That person is DR. CHIDOZIE NWANKWO, CHAIRMAN/CEO, WICHTECH GROUP, PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER KINGDOM CARE FOUNDATION.

With Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo as the candidate of APC, the future is bright and a new, better and greater Anambra is possible.


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