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People who engage in partisan politics do so for diverse reasons – patriotic, economic, social, and psychological or for the mere fun which comes with participation. This is often a major determinant of the outcome of such participation on the populace. Simply put, the benefits citizens gain from leaders they support in politics are largely defined by the fundamental principles which drive the participation of such leaders in the first place.

Personally, the principal motivation behind my being in the gubernatorial race in Anambra State is borne out of a genuine desire to place Anambra state and our people in a firm position to join the ongoing NATIONAL DISCOURSE. My intention is to promote our relevance in the emerging Nigeria that is devoid inequity, unfairness, injustice and economic imbalance.

Between when this current administration came on board and now, I have embarked on a series of reflections on the state of Anambra State as a component of the South East region and Nigeria as a country. I have carried out an empirical comparison between our state and her peers in the course of which I arrived at a realization that we are in urgent need of restoration and renewal.

I am therefore in this race because of the urgent need to save Anambra state from collapse in the face of fragile internal security, comatose institutions of state, the painful shrinking of the civil service, fiscal recklessness, several episodes of international embarrassments and glaring incidences of graft in government that have gone unchallenged.

It is in consideration of the inadequacies of the current administration that we are faced with a new future that presents the All Progressives’ Congress as the most viable political platform that can create a quicker means of political rehabilitation and economic empowerment for our people because in the Nigeria that is emerging, a new formula for progress and development must be worked out to cater for the rights, privileges and interests of Anambra people without encumbrances.

Another reason I joined the gubernatorial race is to enable our people link up with a political platform that can be utilized as a guaranteed mechanism for the political restoration of our people.

Both home and in diaspora, our people are known for their exploits in key economic sectors. We are known for exceptional abilities, unique talents and remarkable dispositions. For this reason, it is only appropriate for us to own commanding stakes in any political equation that emerges.

Owing to Nigeria’s system of governance, the most crucial process of national integration, inclusive development and economic growth are operated from the centre. Anambra State must therefore be repositioned to participate, exploit and benefit from these processes as key stakeholders. Whereas the current administration has refused or failed to achieve this, as governor on the platform of the APC, I will make this work seamlessly.

Anambra State requires a real-life presence in the South East beyond past glory. I therefore want to be governor so I can set a standard and raise the bar in managing the instruments of statecraft. This is of crucial essence to me as a qualified native of the state because my emergence shall serve as a means of opening up Anambra state to the positive benefits associated with being the most prominent state in the South East.

Anambra people cannot continue to play inferior nor can we hold on for longer, as before, the shorter end of the stick of nationhood. Our uniqueness demand that we commence without delay the process of renewing our stakes in Nigeria as means of securing the future we plan to bequeath to the next generation.

Development is relative but we must admit that our dear state is backward in terms of real development and provision of welfare to the citizenry. We have asked for good roads, industrialization, jobs, safer towns and villages and education. Regrettably, these demands within the present political configuration haven’t received any attention.

A major consequence of this is that Anambra State is degenerating. There is absolutely no reason for this and I believe a better deal can be negotiated.

I have reflected on the contributions of Anambra State to the unity of Nigeria and can safely conclude that we have suffered avoidable discomfort within the Nigerian setting. This has caused our commonwealth to suffer but I strongly believe that by becoming governor of the state, a new system of participation, benefits and advantages can be worked out from where our people will reap.

I desire to assist in facilitating a pan – Anambra political dialogue which will put an immediate end to the most pressing challenges we face as a people because beyond everything else, our people need inspiration and hope. There is an urgent need for a leadership that will serve the interest of the people. Anambra State has had enough of theoretical leaders. Now is the time for pragmatic leadership beyond the ordinary politics.

Anambra people are known to be hardworking and of impeccable character. A strong leadership is required to compliment these noble attributes. I believe we deserve the largest cluster of industries and manufacturing plants complemented by an integrated system of mass transportation that works. So much capital (required for development) is sitting idly in the international markets. Only leaders who are competent and have credibility alongside a global presence can access them. I can serve the interests of Anambra State as that leader.

Leadership and elections should no longer be about mere politicking. They should be about the right of citizens to select for themselves leaders from candidates who must compete mainly on the basis of what they can do for society. I am sure that with the right kind of leadership, we can change the tide and build a state which is commensurate with its human and natural endowments.

I am fully aware that time will never be enough to do everything for our state but there will always be time to do the most important things consistently. This is why I am in politics today. I desire to partner with the APC as a party and all Anambra people across political divides towards rebuilding our only home. I desire to banish inferiority complex by assuring our people, with strong evidence that they own a stake in Nigeria.

I am also aware our people have been cajoled into believing that unless we adopt and continuously reward irresponsibility and retrogressive leadership, we will not develop. This are cheap lies that have been used to keep our people in perpetual bondage such that we may remain perpetually prejudiced and show bias towards ourselves and Nigeria.

I am a firm believer in project Anambra which promotes the ideology of ‘limitless opportunities’ within a fair and equitable Nigeria and assure Ndi Anambra that the Anambra state our founding fathers visioned can be created with every son and daughter of the soil firmly participating and benefiting.

I am therefore in the race to be governor to win for all Anambra people, a new deal in Nigeria founded on mutual respect, trust, equity, fairness and justice.

Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo is the CEO of Wichtech Group and a leading governorship aspirant in Anambra State ahead of the November 2021 gubernatorial election.

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