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Frontline Anambra gubernatorial election, Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo has said He is best positioned to win the coming election.

Dr. Nwankwo said this during an interactive session with the press in Abuja on Monday as He gave insights into His agenda for the state.

He further said that as much as Anambra is reputed to be a state with a very high concentration of intellectual talents, there’s a need for the resources to be appropriately harnessed.

He gave a breakdown of his antecedents as a major player in key areas of Nigeria business community which He said attests to his competence, prudence and economic management attributes on the strength of which He has earned the trust of Anambra people notwithstanding where they live, work or trade from.

Dr. Nwankwo also emphasized on the need for the attribute of excellence on the part of the next governor of Anambra by also saying that charity begins at home hence he has a verifiable record that has existed in the last 35 years spreading across human resource development, charity, business development and expansion as well as community development driven by the delivery of capital projects that have stood the test of time.

Dr. Nwankwo said that the civil service will be restructured to achieve efficiency so workers can get more incentives to deliver on the mandate of the civil service in Anambra State.

He also said that in this period of a global economic meltdown, he will bring prudence, innovation, selflessness and economic independence and creativity into government to reduce dependence on federal allocation.

Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo is presently Anambra State’s most popular gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of the APC.

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