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Gregory University Uturu : The Emerging Hub of Entrepreneurial Education



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In the serene Uturu town of Isuikwuato LGA in Abia State, a burgeoning centre of excellence which resets the aloof description of an Ivory Tower while profusely showcasing the link between the Town and Gown continues to soar and reach for greater heights. This institution aptly envisioned as a centre of immense brilliance and everything Summa Cum Laude is the Gregory University Uturu.

Owing to the ravaging and deprecating effects brought on by the on-set of the global Covid-19 pandemic, it is worthy to restate that the Gregory University Uturu was among the first, if not the very first to champion the use of eLearning platforms to ensure their students do not suffer unduly as a result of the sad situation ensured by the covid-19 pandemic.READ:  Resume Work or Face Sanctions Abia Poly Management Threatens Workers

The proactive nature of the Founder and Chancellor of the University, Professor G.I. Ibe, working in concert with his lieutenants made this a reality to the joy and approval of students and their parents.

At a time when students in other universities have just begun efforts to continue the 2019/2020 session, the talented students of Gregory University Uturu are moving with calculated speed to their goals of graduating on time even as they are about to commence their exams to move on to the next 2021/2022 session. This experience among several others amply underscores the quick-thinking approach and speedy resolution to posed challenges that the Gregory University Uturu is synonymous with.

Even so, within this university where all courses of study are underpinned by practical experiences, scholars graduate as well-rounded members of society, able and actively ready to commence influencing their environments in different parts of the globe wherever they may find themselves.

Academic programmes on offer by the Gregory University Uturu run through the entire gamut of globally approved body of knowledge in the fields of medicine, basic science, pharmaceutical sciences, engineering, humanities and the social sciences with their attendant colleges and departments. A major thread running through these academic programmes is the full endorsement of these fields of study by their lawfully recognized regulatory bodies within Nigeria.

This depicts the confidence bestowed on the modern approach to academic exercises as being witnessed within the streets, halls and learning areas of the sublime Gregory University Uturu.

This is indeed a university to be reckoned with. In living up to its mantra, Knowledge for Tomorrow, the Gregory University, fondly addressed as GUU has continued to engineer meaningful ways to make contributions to its immediate Uturu environment and the Nigerian society, at large. Presently, as the entire world battles the Covid-19 pandemic, Gregory University Uturu had begun offering its own homegrown products from within the university’s laboratories and innovation centres.

GUU’s product line up cuts across preventive materials (hand sanitizers, face masks, preventive clothing and other personal protective equipment) to combat the adverse effects of the pandemic while assiduously working to offer a vaccine of global standard to the Nigerian people.

Research and innovation remain the bastions and mainstays of the Gregory University Uturu.

This assertion is boldly acclaimed as the university continues to invest heavily in these two key areas in its bid to advance the causes and developmental quests of the Nigerian society. Within assorted laboratories cutting across the sciences and humanities in GUU are heavy industrial equipment all targeted at conducting research and producing on a massive scale the outcomes of such research endeavours.

The Gregory University Uturu is constantly striving to put itself on the global map of technology-advancing universities. Not only is the university actively engaging in research and development, she is equally hosting summits geared towards exchanging ideas with other contributors to innovative practices within Nigeria as evinced with the university’s hosting of the Abuja Innovation Summit.

Advancements as experienced within the academic environment of Gregory University Uturu are driven by the indefatigable spirit of the Founder and Chancellor of the University, Professor G. I. Ibe, a man given to incremental all-round development of humanity and a strong proponent of technological pursuits in ameliorating stagnating conditions.

Gregory University Uturu is constantly on the move. Wouldn’t you rather activate your tertiary academic pursuits at Gregory University Uturu?

ProGIMA-Prof Gregory Ibe Media Associates.

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