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Lagos to scale up infrastructure in Courts



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Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Saturday said physical infrastructure in the state High and Magistrate courts are to be scaled up and refurbished while also looking at the welfare of judges.

The Governor said to this end, the government is setting up a joint committee between the judiciary and executive to start work almost immediately.

“But we need to work around the logistics of how all of this will happen because there will be a bit of displacement, inconveniences, so we want to plead ahead, when both plaintiff and complainant come around the court premises.”

Sanwo-Olu disclosed this to newsmen after a tour of the High Courts in Ikeja and Igbosere

According to the governor, it is all designed to ensure better service delivery so that people who use the court rooms will have a feel of the new and refreshing atmosphere.

“We will also be seeing a rebranded, renewed physical infrastructure in the Judiciary in the week, month and years ahead.”

According to Sanwo-Olu, the purpose of the inspection tour is “to see how we can work collaboratively with the Lagos State judiciary service led by the Chief Judge and see how we can set up the means by which we will begin extensive renovation of some of our court rooms, the infrastructure around the court premises, both at the high and magistrate courts.

“The whole objective of the whole exercise is really for all of us to continue our collaboration, understanding fully-well that we are all set up to serve our citizens and the only way we can serve is to ensure that all of us have the right ambience and have the right environment for that service to continue to happen.

“Lagos State judiciary is priced as the foremost judiciary service in the country not only with the number of judges that we have but the number of caliber of our judges in Lagos state,” Sanwo-Olu said.

He said though what happens in the judiciary is not the business of the executive but “we see ourselves as partners in the same delivery of service to our citizens either in Judiciary, Executive and Legislature.

“It’s really part of why the Government will provide schools, hospital, road; we also provide the responsibility to ensure that the arm of delivery judiciary is not left untouched.”

The governor said he wants to improve the current state of the courts and make them a lot better so that judges can sit back and dispense off their services under an ambience that is fit for the purpose.


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