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“Mental Health service like never before: Protostar launches website”



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Access to mental health services has never been made as seamless and quickly accessible as with the virtual platform courtesy Protostar Initiative. Many social enterprises seek to provide these services but none is like what this NGO provides, that is distinctive in its 21st century youth culture, and stands out amidst others, with a clear vision of creating a world where there is no stigmatization of people living with mental illnesses coupled with everyone having easy access to basic health services and information online. Living in a digital world, the organization identified a need to connect people beyond the shores of the local environment with its vision that is why the organization recently launched its website. A user friendly, well designed, informative and updated platform where anyone from anywhere across the world can connect with mental health experts, coaches and counsellors. This is believed to be helpful in providing real time accessibility without having to travel any physical distance. It also seeks to establish an environment with a guaranteed level of confidentiality with stories shared. It is often difficult in finding an expert to talk to in the face of mental difficulties and if found the time its takes to access one is often quite defining in the story. This is another challenge the online platform is aimed at solving. The platform also provides up to date mental health tips and with a single click you share your story with like-minded people without any form of stigmatization. Co-founded by two brilliant young minds and a team of ever vibrant youths, Protostar has identified diverse challenges regarding mental health in the country, and is in a mission to ensure a world free of stigmatization for people living with mental illnesses. The team sees further with the amazing Board of Trustees behind them several of which are seasoned technocrats in various industries across the world. In the past months, the organization has organized programs targeted at educating the public on mental health some of which include training programs, outreaches, conferences, etc. The influence of the organization is not without results. There are many testimonial to the fantastic work the organization is doing many of which can be read on their website. Indeed little drops of water make the mighty oceans. Not doubt, the organization is on the course to defining an epoch in the history of mental health with its vision built on the quality foundations of advocacy and connectivity. Log on to and explore a new world of mental health service delivery.

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