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Skill G Innovation Centre Abuja: …bridging knowledge and skill gap in Africa.



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…bridging knowledge and skill gap in Africa.

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Skill G Innovation Centre Abuja: A top notch for Human Capital Development, Research and Development, Training and Human Capacity Building, Vocational Training, STEM, Design, Fabrication and Assemblage. Training, Research, Capacity Building.

Skill ‘’G’’ is in the front line of education development in Nigeria. Since 1991, we are actively engaged in promoting Science & Technology, Mathematics, Engineering, Technical & Vocational Education at all levels from Primary to Tertiary. Our unique approach toward development of instructional materials and curriculum is well accepted by international bodies; it enables us operate within the local environment and take the teaching and learning to 21st century world level.
In our designated resource centres, we are deepening educational processes and impacting knowledge on the stakeholders in the Training of Trainers (TOT) programs by encouraging research and development.

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