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NERE TERIBA: The Future Of Gold-Mining in Nigeria



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At the mention of the Mining industry  in Nigeria, rusty refineries and oil wells are the first thoughts that come to mind. Interestingly, Nigeria is endowed with over 34 solid minerals of which the mining of all put together contributes a meagre 0.3% to the national GDP even though one of these minerals is Gold; that’s right, Gold! The mining of Gold deteriorated with colonialism and since crude oil exploration is relatively less tedious with an easier profit, gold mining has been reduced to an art.

Cue Nere Teriba, the 37 year old Vice Chairman of Kian Smith Trade & Co Limited, who is working towards building Nigeria’s first Gold Refinery. Her plans to help revive the gold market in Nigeria begins with helping the government re-enact and enforce its regulations surrounding the sector. Since gold mining has been relegated to artisans and small scale miners, she plans to work with them to source gold for the Kian Smith refinery. The daughter of the former Olu of Warri has succeeded in bringing organisations such as UNIDO, Pact and the CBN on board her mining revolution. 

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